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What Eats You Up?

an old church covered in weeds and vines BQ4Yzyze0 300x228 - What Eats You Up?

John chapter two ends with an abrupt account of Jesus cleansing the Temple. This whole process occupies many hours of His time. He made a scourge (John 2:15). No doubt, He spent much time in thought and prayer as He sat and braided the small cords. His actions were not a brief fit of rage…

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It’s A Miracle!

Disciples talk on Sea of Galilee shoreline tb040706244 300x199 - It's A Miracle!

In John 2:11 we read that Jesus’ first miracle “manifested His glory.” It was a significant event to all who saw or heard of it. It is easy when we read our Bibles to imagine that miracles were a commonplace occurrence. We tend to picture Abraham walking out of his tent every morning, stretching, yawning,…

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How do I chose a coffee grinder?

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It is often said that your grinder is the most important piece of equipment that effects how Epic your coffee is. Well, it’s true. Even coffee that was ground just seconds before brewing will produce a lousy cup if it was ground with a hammer. It is important that all of the grounds in your…

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Whatever He Says…

Women water pots 284x300 - Whatever He Says...

The first miracle that Jesus ever performed was prompted by the initiative of His mother, Mary. The instructions that she gave to the servants were simple. “Whatever He says to you, do it” (John 2:5). What might have happened if the servants had ignored Jesus’ instructions? What if they had only kinda done what Jesus…

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Whole Bean Or Pre-Ground?

storyblocks sack of coffee beans with chocolate and cinnamon BPv5PgFcM 300x200 - Whole Bean Or Pre-Ground?

Do you like your coffee to have the maximum amount of freshness, flavor, and wonderfulness? Then you want whole-bean coffee. Remember from October, that the biggest factor affecting the freshness of your coffee is its exposure to air. When you grind your coffee the amount of surface area that is exposed to air multiplies exponentially.…

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Maidservants of Christ

Where does your coffee Come from 200x300 - Maidservants of Christ

Recently, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Helen Smith with Maidservants of Christ. Check out the interview here, and if you aren’t following her blog it’s definitely one worth adding to your list.

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